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Flight from Nagoya to Guam.
Since I live in Nagoya, I went to Guam with a direct flight from Chubu International Airport Centrair to Guam.
It is very close to three and a half hours from Centrair to Guam.
For a very short period of time, it is a travel distance that I can not imagine as a foreign country.
We departed Japan on a United Air plane departing around 11 o'clock and the arrival time was around 14:30.

Checkpoint to boarding.
You must arrive at the airport two hours before departure time of the plane.
Go to the check-in counter and start boarding procedures for the plane.
The airport is divided into a boarding-only floor and an arrival-only floor.
On the boarding floor, there is a counter for each airline.
Go to the airline counter and show the copy of the reservation screen of passport and air ticket to the person in charge.
If you do not have a copy you can show the screen shot of the reservation screen.
Deposit big baggage such as suitcase and backpack at the counter.
Small luggage can be brought in the cabin.
When the procedure is over, you will receive a ticket for the plane with the seat number written.

About overseas travel accident insurance
The overseas travel insurance incidental to the credit card is insurance called "overseas travel accident insurance" accurately. Since it comes with overseas, it is natural, but overseas trips are subject, domestic travel is not eligible.
As a precaution, contents of overseas travel accident insurance vary depending on the type of credit card company and credit card. Since the compensation contents may differ if the type is different according to the card issued by the same card company, it is necessary to be careful.

About compensation items
Overseas travel accident insurance has compensation item and there are mainly as follows. Compensation items may or may not exist depending on the type of card company or card. Death injuries and injuries treatment, liability for damages, damage to carry items, etc. are basic compensation items, but there may be no aircraft delay or baggage delay.

Death or injury
Death injury / second-come, first-served disability are subject to insurance contracts with credit cards when they are injured or accidentally injured during a responsible period, or when a disability has occurred.


Injury treatment expenses
For injury treatment expenses, the insured who contracts a credit card is subject to injury due to a chance accident during the responsibility period and received medical treatment by the doctor.


Disease treatment expenses
Disease treatment expenses are covered when an insured contracted with a credit card is infected with a disease or a specific infectious disease within a certain period of time during the overseas travel or after the trip and the doctor begins treatment.
Specific infections include infections defined by insurance companies such as cholera, plague, smallpox, typhus, Lassa fever, malaria, recurrent fever, SARS, Ebola bleeding fever etc.

Liability is the responsibility when an insured person contracting a credit card accidentally injured another person during the responsibility period, destroyed others' stuff, damaged and lost legal liability, Damage given to the guest room of the accommodation facility such as a hotel, and damage caused to travel goods and living goods borrowed directly from the rental agency are covered.

Handling goods damage
Handling damage is the case when cameras, jewelry, clothing, etc. are damaged by accident such as theft, damage, fire, etc. during the responsibility period. Basically, for self-contained items damage, the self-pay amount is set. For example, I feel that I am deducting my self-payment amount 3,000 yen with a limit of 100,000 yen per one.

Relief expense
Relief expenses include expenses for search and rescue expended by insured persons and relatives contracting credit cards, when they are dead or hospitalized due to an accident, died due to illness, or are hospitalized, etc. Travel expenses such as air fare, hotel fee, transportation expenses, etc. are subject to compensation.


Aircraft Depositary Baggage Delay Cost
The case where the insured who contracts the credit card does not carry the baggage deposited within the fixed time after the arrival of the aircraft to be carried to the destination is eligible.


Aircraft delay cost etc.
An insured who contracts a credit card becomes unable to board aircraft due to a mistake by the other person such as departure delay or cancel or cancellation for a certain period of time or a flight in the boarding procedure, When not there. It is the case that you can not board an aircraft to be transferred due to the delay of another aircraft you are aboard and you can not use the substitute machine within a certain period of time from the arrival time to the transit point.


Insurance payment limit depends on card company and type
The maximum payment limit (maximum amount) of insurance of compensation item introduced in the preceding paragraph differs depending on the type of card as well as the card company. Also, the higher the rank of the card, the higher the payment limit for insurance.